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Training, Events, and Workshops

We focus on curating and hosting great events, workshops, and training to empower entrepreneurs to master the basics, the latest trends, and practices of business ownership.

Whether in-person or online, we offer interactive and immersive learning environments to help you better absorb material and to boost engagement and retention.

Upcoming Events

The business landscape is changing and getting ahead of those changes gives your workplace a competitive advantage! So get past the jargon and discover how to make “green” work for your business. No matter what sector, services, or products you’re providing, you can take action to reduce your footprint now.  

Ideal for: Business owners looking to understand the Green Economy, Entrepreneurs interested in greening their operations,       Businesses looking to ensure they are ready for the economic changes ahead

An interactive workshop that will provide you with practical tips on reducing your environmental impact in the workplace. Learn how to assess your current greenhouse gas impact and simple ways to reduce it.

Ideal for: Businesses looking to implement green practices in their everyday operations, Employees looking for tips on how to green their office environment, Entrepreneurs looking for practical advice on how to green their businesses

A workshop for Builders, Renovators and Contractors interested in learning about Net Zero Housing: you’ll leave with a clear understanding of what Net Zero means, what its benefits and costs are, and what Net Zero looks like in Ontario today.  

Ideal for: Builders and contractors looking to learn more about Net Zero building practices, Builders and contractors curious to know how to incorporate green building practices in their service offerings