Drumroll please....we are excited to introduce our newest team member Teri. She is pretty fabulous and will be responsible for coordinating the Lanark County Business Retention and Expansion (BR+E) program. Welcome Teri!  

We are a small team with big personalities, diverse skills and roles to help you thrive.

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Mary Boldt,‍‍‍ Loans Officer  

‍‍‍‍‍‍613.283.7002 ext. 105

Our straight shooting Loans Officer tells it like it is, but clients love her for it and so do we. Mary enjoys supporting our client’s during the application and reporting process, and celebrating the results achieved with the help of our loans. She believes nothing should be done without a smile and laugh ... And occasionally she breaks out in song.

Mary’s a skilled storyteller, dog-rescuer, and backseat roadtrip championship napper.

Amber Coville, Business Development & Program Offi‍‍‍cer  

613.283.7002 ext. 110

Stacie Lloyd, Economic Dev‍‍‍elopment Officer  

‍‍‍613.283.7002 ext. 106  

Tina Stevens, General Manager

Our fearless leader is ready for anything.        

Her knowledge in HR and accounting is superhuman and she keeps everyone and everything on track, every day. Tina works with staff, FedDev and our Board of Directors to guide the strategic direction and work of Valley Heartland. Outside the office she is busy with baseball, football, karting, a hubby and three boys. We’re not sure how she finds the energy, but the Tim's cups on her desk may be a clue.

‍‍‍613.283.7002 ext. 103  

The Community Futures Program is a COMMUNITY-DRIVEN, economic development initiative designed to assist communities in Canada’s RURAL areas to develop and implement strategies for dealing with a changing economic environment. Valley Heartland is part of a network of 268 Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDCs) across Canada and 61 across Ontario‍‍‍.

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Teri Devine, BR+E Coordinator ‍‍‍

‍‍‍613.283.7002 ext. 111 ‍‍‍

Download: 2016-2017 Year In Review

‍‍‍Stacie is often on the road meeting with business and municipalities working on the ‘Big Picture’. She is notorious for group emails, managing multiple working groups for economic development and business development and retention. We appreciate her warm and gracious demeanor, and the fact that she always goes the extra mile taking care of regional projects. Prefers her 🥪 mini and crustless ...

May be found under a mountain of EODP applications or organizing our training and business support programs.  Amber serves as our rep on the Collaborative Innovation Panel for CEDP and the Evaluation Panel for Starter‍‍‍ Company Plus. Coffee (black) and sticky notes (neon) keep her working efficiently on our marketing, social media and website. P.S. Star Trek reruns are a bit too high on her list of fun things to do.

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